FAQs about our Community Forum

How can I edit and/or delete a post after I've posted it?

Once you have submitted a post or comment in the forums, you can edit your post by clicking the gear icon (pictured below).

After clicking the icon, you can click “edit” or “delete.”

Editing will allow you to change the text, title, or location of your post/comment--make sure to click “update” to save your changes. Delete will remove the post or comment from the topic.

Note: comments cannot be moved to a different location in the community forums.

What are the vote buttons for? How do I use them?

The up and down arrows on posts/comments represent “votes.” Please click the up arrow if you would like to bring attention to a post, or the down arrow if you think the post is not relevant. This allows people to regulate what posts are the most important to our community. You can sort community posts by highest voted posts/comments. You can only vote once on an article, and clicking twice on the up or down arrow will eliminate your vote.

Who else has access to the community forum?

All StreetLight InSight users have access to the community forum. This means anyone with a login to our app can access the forums.

What does it mean when my post/comment is “pending approval?”

Our community forum has a list of words that automatically get sent for approval by our Support Team. If your post is “pending approval,” that means your post will have to be approved before being posted. If we deem your post a violation of our guidelines, we will reject your post/comment and email you explaining why your post/comment was rejected. Posts/comments can take up to one business day to go through our approval process.

What do I do if my post does not fit into any of the topics?

If you can’t figure out which topic is most applicable to your post, please post it in “General Questions.” This topic is our catch-all topic, which will host miscellaneous posts. If our Support Team finds a better location for your post, we will move it during our moderation process.

How do I follow a post?

If you created a post or comment, you will automatically follow it. If you would like to follow a post or topic, which means you will be emailed when any update or comment has been made on that post or topic, you will click the “Follow” button.

How do I report or alert StreetLight to inappropriate or spam content?

If you notice a user has posted content that goes against our community guidelines [LINK], please contact support [LINK] alerting us to the issue. We will go in and check the content and either delete it or mark it as spam.




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