StreetLight InSight® Release Process

We are continually working to add new features and improve StreetLight InSight®. Improvements, new features, and updates are implemented in the platform and made available on a roughly quarterly basis.

Our data month releases for Commercial Trucks are on a roughly monthly basis - please refer to StreetLight InSight® Data Availability for all details about data month updates. Monthly releases often involve adding a new month of data as soon as it's available, or fixing issues with our platform that we don't think can wait till the next update.

When a new release is being deployed, the release notes are updated to alert you that there will be a small window of time where StreetLight InSight® will not be available. Once the new release is available, the release notes are updated to describe what's new in the release. Please check your email for product update messages and links to our product content. 

If you do not see the release notes here, please sign in. If you do not yet have a login and feel you should, please contact Support. If you otherwise do not have a login, please contact our sales team

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