Using StreetLight InSight UI Grids

Grids appear in several places across StreetLight InSight. These grids are undergoing updates to support accessibility for all our clients. Some of the changes include the ability to choose the columns that are displayed, filter on each column, and view pages of results.

Key elements of the new grids:

  • Columns that can be added or hidden
  • Filtering for each column
  • Sorting on each column
  • Actions in a drop-down
  • View pages of results
  • Refresh controls

The first grid updated is that on the Manage Zone Sets tab, which contains the list of Zone Sets, and will act as our example for this article. This grid was updated as part of our 6.5 release on April 10, 2019. Other grids, such as the lists of Projects and Studies will follow suit in upcoming releases.

Column Controls

There is a default set of columns for a page. For the Zone Sets grid, this includes Status, Zone Set Name, and more. The Actions column is always shown for any grid.

To change the set of columns shown, click on the "Columns" link to the right of the Actions label. 

The "Choose Columns" box will appear on your screen. This box will list all columns that can be shown or hidden. Any visible columns will be checked.

Check the columns you wish to display and uncheck the columns you wish to hide. Click "Set Columns" to save your changes.


Note: Your column choices will be saved even if you navigate to other sections of StreetLight Insight, and will only reset to the default options once you log out. 

Column Filtering

Each column (other than "Actions") can be filtered using the controls in the header row. The type of filtering options depends on the column type.

The types of columns and filters are:

  • Fixed Value (such as "Status" or "Type"): single select 
  • Text (such as "Name" or "Created By"): free-form text search
  • Date Range: select from date to date

Grid Sorting

Each column (other than "Actions") can be used to sort the grid. The column that is currently controlling the sort will have an up or down triangle next to the name indicating ascending or descending order.

Click on the column name in the header row to sort the grid by that column. The default order is ascending. Click the column name a second time to reverse the order to descending (the arrow will flip accordingly).


The "Actions" column has a button to show the actions that are available for the item in the row. To choose the action, click on the "Actions" button to show the list of options and then choose the desired action.

Often these actions are dependent upon the status of the specific row and some other factors. For example, the delete action on a Zone Set is present when the Zone Set has status "Available" and has not been used in a Project. 

Zone Set not used in a Project

Zone Set used in a Project

View Page Results

 The footer of the grid contains the page limit controls. 

  • Go to the previous page of results. This will be grayed out if you are on the first page or there is only one page of results.
  • Information on which page you are on, how many pages there are will depend on the number of rows shown and the number of rows per page chosen.
  • The number of rows per page depends on what works best for you.
  • Go to the next page of results. This will be grayed out if you are on the last page or there is only one page of results.

Refresh Controls

On the top right-hand side of our updated grids, there are two controls for refreshing the grids: the "Refresh" button and a checkbox to enable auto-refresh. 


Items displayed in grids in StreetLight InSight usually have a status that changes as well as information such as the last person who updated the entry. Also, new items can be created by others. The "Refresh" button will get the latest information for the grid and display it, preserving any filtering or ordering set for the grid.

Enabling auto-refresh will allow these updates to appear automatically in your view without you having to manually push the "Refresh" button. The auto-refresh will pick up changes every 30 seconds once enabled.

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