All About "Manage Zone Sets"

This guide will give you an overview of the "Manage Zone Sets" tab--this is where you create and manage all the Zones that you use in your analyses. Think of this page as a library where the Zone Sets are the books and the Zones are pages within the books.

There are some key features hosted in the Manage Zone Sets tab:

  • "Add Zone Set" button
  • A table listing all Zone Sets in your account;
  • Refresh controls;
  • View Page controls. 

"Add Zone Set" Button

The "Add Zone Set" button allows you to create new sets of Zones to use in your analyses. You can either do this by drawing or uploading Zones to create a Zone Set. Learn more about some of the various ways to use this button:

Zone Sets Table

On the Manage Zone Sets tab, you can use all the new customizable options on the Zone Sets grid. You can add filters to each column, as well as customize which columns you actually see. If there are more rows of Zone Sets than the number of rows per page, results will be displayed in sequential pages. Learn more about customizing the grids. 

The Zone Sets grid has the following columns:

  • Status: Gives status of the Zone Set: Available or Processing
  • Zone Set Name: Name of the Zone Set--either original name or updated name. A yellow triangle next to the name will indicate a possible issue with one or more Zones in your Zone Set.*
  • Country: Name of the country where the Zones are located.
  • Zone Type: The geometric shape of the Zones: line or polygon.
  • Created By: The StreetLight InSight user who created the Zone Set. 
  • Created Date: The date the Zone Set was created.
  • Updated By: The StreetLight InSight user who last edited the Zone Set. This column is not visible by default.
  • Updated Date: The date the Zone Set was last edited. This column is not visible by default. 
  • Actions: The list of actions that can be taken on a Zone Set. This list is dynamic-- based on the status of the Zone Set and/or if it is used in an analysis.

*Yellow triangle: If a yellow triangle appears next to the name of the Zone Set, one or more Zones in the Zone Set may not be optimally configured to get you the best Project results. This may be due to the Zone being very large and marked as pass-through, a zone or gate not aligning with the OSM layer, or a Zone being small and not marked as Pass-through. If you are not sure why your Zones are marked, please contact Support

Actions for Zone Sets

The available actions for a Zone Set are based on two factors: the status of the Zone Set and if the Zone Set has been used in an analysis or not. The actions and when they are available is below. 

  • View : Allows you to view your project set up. "View" is an option for all Zone Sets.
  • Edit : Allows you to edit your Zone Set. "Edit" is an option for all Zone Sets. Learn more about editing Zone Sets. 
  • Download : Allows you to download a zip file of your Zone Set. "Download" is an option for "Available" Zone Sets. 
  • Copy : Allows you to duplicate your Project. "Copy" is an option for "Available" Zone Sets. 
  • Delete: Allows you to remove a Zone Set from your Zone Set Table. "Delete" is an option for Zones Sets that have not been used in a Project.

Refresh and Pagination Controls

The other controls on the page are standard for all of the new grids. Learn more about controlling these other aspects of this page.

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