What are the Road Types in Line Segment Zones?

When drawing or uploading a line segment zone set, you have the option of selecting what type of road each zone is. The primary purpose of this is to establish the width of the three pass-through "gate" zones that are automatically drawn by our platform, and it's these gate zones that pick up trips in our database. Specifying the road type helps ensure that all OSM lines associated with a road are covered. For example, divided highways need wide gates to cover both sides, and ramps need narrow gates so they don't pick up any adjacent roads. The four road types and corresponding gate widths are listed below, and the default value, if no road type is selected, is 20 meters. Note that you can also specify a custom gate width if uploading a line segment zone set. 

  • Primary: 40 meters
  • Secondary: 30 meters
  • Local: 20 meters
  • Ramp: 10 meters
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