How to Copy a Project

This guide will walk you through how to copy a Project in StreetLight InSight. You might copy a project to run a slightly different configuration of the project in order to compare the results. The different configuration might be changing the data source, altering the data period, adding calibration, or using a new set of zones.

When a project is copied, the configuration of the project is loaded into the Create Projects tab. At this point, you will be able to change any options as needed before you confirm the new project. 

Note: If an option is no longer available in StreetLight InSight, your project may not copy or a reasonable replacement choice will be made.* For example, if you copy a project that uses our (now deprecated) original LBS data source, the Create Projects tab will be loaded with the LBS with Pass-through data source, our updated LBS data source.

*If you encounter an error while copying a project, please contact

Step 1: Go to your "Manage Travel Projects" tab. 


Step 2: Click the "All Projects" tab and locate the project to be copied


Step 3: Click the "copy" icon


Step 4: Look over your project set up

This is the time where you can make changes.


Note: Your updated Project Name will be "Original_Title - Copy." You will not be able to "Confirm" a new Project if it has the same Project Name as the original Project. 

Step 5: Click Preview


This is what your preview will look like. 


Step 6: Click "Confirm"



  • If you selected a calibration data period while running Single-Factor with StreetLight AADT, that selection will not copy over. Please check that you have the correct year selected.
  • If you selected an AADT 2016 project, that will copy over as AADT 2018
  • If you selected a project using our original LBS data source (and this data source has been turned off for your account), the project will copy over using LBS with Pass-through.


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