March 6, 2019

On Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 from 6 – 12 pm PT, we released the next update to StreetLight InSight. In addition to the usual bug fixes and performance improvements, this 6.4 release included several important updates.

Introducing Estimated AADT 2018 Values 

The latest AADT counts are now available on the platform. The StreetLight team has updated the proprietary machine learning algorithm to estimate AADT 2018 counts and has validated it against 2,527 permanent counts across the nation. Learn more from our 2018 AADT white paper. 

To run an AADT project,

  1. On the "Create Projects" tab, select 'Estimated AADT Values' from the Project Type drop down.
  2. Select your Zone Set. All Zones must be marked Pass-through and Bi-directional. 
  3. Pick your AADT Data Period under the Project Options. 
  4. Preview and confirm the Project.

AADT 2018 is also available for our single factor calibration to scale your projects to estimated counts. For more information, read our how to guide for calibrating with StreetLight's AADT

*Customers with subscriptions from before January, 2019 will only have access to AADT 2018 with a Gold subscription or higher. 


Deprecation of “Visualize Travel Projects”

We are no longer supporting “Visualize Travel Projects.” This means we are no longer fixing issues with this Visualization and, in the near future, we will turn off access for all users. You can get more visualization functionality using “Interactive Visualizations, our easy-to-use, interactive, dashboard that enables users to further their analyses through maps and charts. Learn more about our Interactive Visualizations. 

To ensure continued access to visualizations,

  1. Access 'Interactive Visualization' on the left navigation menu
  2. Choose a Project
  3. Confirm that it shows you the maps and charts.

If anything does not appear, please contact support. 

OD Matrix Advanced Visualizations

Based on user feedback we are providing additional visualization options to see the O-D pairs in a matrix format. This pivot table is available as a new sheet 'Origin-Destination Matrix' in Interactive Visualizations for all O-D analyses. 


Account Dashboard

Users can sign up as an organization's administrator and view their account dashboard, which will provide insight on account usage. Contact your Account Manager to get more information.  

Multi-Mode Additions

Users with Multi Mode access are now able to analyze Pass-through zones for Pedestrian projects. With this addition, you can now run O-D with Middle Filter Analysis and calibration options with our Pedestrian data source. 

Two new months of data have been also added to Bicycle and Pedestrian projects bringing the total up to four months: May-June 2017 and May-June 2018. The four months of data will be selected for the user by default for bicycle and pedestrian projects to ensure sufficient sample size for these analyses. Additional data months and ability to select specific months for analysis are on the horizon.  

Update to OpenStreetMap Layers

While drawing and viewing Zones, users will be able to display different OSM layers. Roads (pink solid), Bicycle (blue dashes), and Pedestrian (green dots) layers are chosen from the drop down above the map.

Once zoomed in far enough on the map, the selections will become available. The three layers can be selected individually, or you can pick a combination of the three. This functionality is available to all subscription levels, regardless of whether you have access to Multi Mode data.

Make sure, when drawing your Zones, that they cover the appropriate lines that match your mode of analysis. 


Calibration Clarification

Our Calibration Types have been renamed to better reflect the calibration methodologies. The methodologies have not changed, but the names have. 

  • "Calibrate with StreetLight AADT 2017" has been renamed to "Single Factor with StreetLight AADT" to accommodate for future data period options. When selecting "Single Factor with StreetLight AADT," you must choose the calibration year in the Project Options. Learn more about calibrating with StreetLight AADT. 
  • "Calibrate with my Zone Counts" has been renamed to "Single Factor with User-provided Counts." Learn more about calibrating with your own count data.  

Performance Improvements

Customers with hundreds of Zone Sets should see improvements in speed and functionality on their Manage Zone Sets tab.

New Data Month

Dec 2018 data is available for all LBS with Pass-through data and Visitor Home and Work Analyses. 

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