How to Download Metrics

For every Project run on StreetLight InSight, you will be able to download the corresponding Metrics as a .CSV file. This guide will walk you through how to download those Metrics, and the information you will receive when you download those Metrics.

Our downloads are useful when trying to get a more granular look at the data from your Project or when our Interactive Visualizations do not provide the information necessary for your analysis. Learn more about our Interactive Visualizations.

Downloads are available for regional and project subscriptions. If you have an evaluation or marketing consultant subscription, downloads may be disabled. If downloads are disabled for your account and you wish to have them enabled, please contact us at

In this guide, we are using the O-D with Middle Filter Analysis as described in How to Create an O-D with Middle Filter. 

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Navigate to the “Manage Projects” section of StreetLight InSight.

Step 2: Click the “All Projects” tab. Each of your projects should be visible. "Available" (or completed) Projects will have a “Download” icon in the Actions Column.

Step 3: Click the "Download" icon to show the download modal window.

Note: If you do not see the "Download" icon, downloads are disabled for this account. If you would like to enable downloads, please contact us at

Step 4: Select which files you want to download. For most projects, you will have options similar to the ones pictured below. You can choose the other options as you see fit, although using the default settings is the quickest way to download your results. 


Options for your downloads:

  • Project Type Metrics: The core Metrics for supplied for your specific Project Type such as the O-D values
  • Total Zone Metrics: Zone Activity for each Zone in your Project
  • Zone Sets Shapefiles: A single shapefile for each Zone Set used in your Project (i.e. Origin, Middle Filter, Destination, Calibration, etc). Multiple Zone Sets used for a Zone Set type will be merged into a single shapefile.
  • Premium Attributes: Only visible if included in the Project configuration.
  • Day Types and Day Parts: Pull down only the time periods that you wish to analyze.

Note: These options will change by Project type and options chosen during Project creation. 

Step 5: Click "Download." A compressed or "zipped" file will be delivered to you in your browser.

Note: If you choose to download the default options or your Project is small, the .zip file will be delivered quickly. If you choose to download anything other than the defaults for a large project, you may be warned that the download needs to be generated. You will receive an email when the file is ready with instructions to receive the file. 

Note: If you are downloading a very large file, you will be warned that the file is large. If you wish to receive the file via another method, such as sftp, please contact us. 

Step 6: Open the .zip file to view files you selected. You can manipulate these files as you like. These .zip files will usually include:

  • A text document, Project_*.txt, with the details of your Project set up
  • One or more README files
  • .CSV files for the Metrics from your Project
  • The components of the Zone Set shapefiles used in your Project


Information on READMEs

You will always have helpful README files that explain all the fields and files included in your downloads. This includes information on what column headers in our Metrics mean, what kind of Metrics you are looking at, information on what the files are in your downloads, and more. This text document will make analyzing the .CSV files quicker and easier, so we highly recommend reading through these before looking at the Metrics.



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