Technical Notice: Location-Based Services Data (July 2018)

Our Location-Based Services (LBS) data sample has shown more month-over-month variation than anticipated for some groupings of months. Our current indexing method does not accommodate this variation as effectively as desired. We are working as quickly as possible to improve our indexing method, and we will update you when it is implemented.

Please note that comparing percentages across any time period is still fully supported. For example, users can compare the share of devices turning left at an intersection across any data period.

In the meantime, we recommend that clients follow these guidelines when comparing index values for LBS Metrics:

  1. Comparing indexes for months before July 2016 to each other is fine.
  2. Comparing indexes for months starting in July 2016 through October 2017 to each other is fine.
  3. Comparing indexes for any months within 2018 to each other is fine.
  4. We do not recommend comparing indexes across months in the above time periods (for example, trying to comparing August 2016 to January 2018 or February 2016 to February 2017).
  5. We do not recommend comparing indexes of any months to November or December 2017.
  6. If you need to compare index values across the time periods immediately, please contact our Support Team (via email: for assistance.


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