How to Navigate a Study-Enabled Consultant Subscription

Watch this video for an overview:

Step-by-Step Guide:

When Consultant Subscription users log-in, they will see a window with the list of studies for their subscription and the option to create a new Study. The “All” and “Mine” toggles to list all of the Study Areas in your Consultant Subscription account or to list only the Study Areas that you created. Choose the Study to work within and click “Ok”.

The “Create Study” button will allow you to create a new Study. Learn more on "How to Create  a Study."


If the consultant subscription existed before October 16, 2018 [see our release notes for more detail], a special Study has been created called “Past Studies” containing all existing Projects and Zone Sets. This read-only Study Area has been automatically created for all Consultant Subscription accounts. Users can access and download all existing Zone Sets and Metrics from this Study Area.

However, users cannot run new Projects or create new Zone Sets as this Study Area is read-only. To continue work on an existing Project within “Past Studies”, first download all relevant Zone Sets from “Past Studies”, create a new Study for the work, upload the Zone Sets, and then create Projects from those Zone Sets in the new Study.

Once in the Study, work proceeds as though within a Pay Per Use account. Note that studies can be active for work (generally 90 days from creation) or read-only if contracted or expired. In a read-only Study, the existing Zone Sets and Projects can be visualized and downloaded but not edited; new Zone Sets and Projects cannot be created.

To change studies or create a new one, click on the drop-down under “Study Name: your study”. “Change/Create Study” will bring back the window seen upon first login.

To see a list of all studies and their details, go into any Study and go to the “Account Management” page and the ‘Study Management” tab. There you will see a list of all Studies in the consultant subscription as well as information about each Study. Each Study will contain the following fields:

  • Status: New, Quote Requested, Contracted (Read-only), Expired (Read-only)
  • Study Information: Name, Type, etc.
  • Study Dates
  • Study People: Creator & Requestor
  • Study Statistics: Project Count
  • Actions: (dependent upon status)
  • View (always available)
  • Request Quote (New, Expired)
  • Edit (New, Expired)

Going forward, you’ll be able to do work within any Study within your consultant subscription. You will not be limited to only working in studies you’ve created. This also means others in your organization will be able to do work within a Study you have created.


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