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Traffic Diagnostics is a Project Type in StreetLight InSight that combines several StreetLight InSight Projects: Segment Analysis, AADT 2016, O-D by Preset Geography (by TAZ), and Zone Activity Analysis with Premium Trip and Traveler Attributes. The results of these different Projects are combined and into a single Traffic Diagnostics Project that can be visualized through StreetLight InSight's "Interactive Visualizations" tool. The Interactive Visualizations tool allows you to manipulate and combine the Metrics provided by the Projects listed above. It enables you to scan for congestion on road segments, explore causes of congestion, and review potential mitigation solutions - all within the StreetLight InSight platform.

Metrics and visualizations can be downloaded directly from the Interactive Visualizations tool. Metrics can also be downloaded in the standard StreetLight InSight format for each sub-Project included in Traffic Diagnostics. Traffic Diagnostics requires using a Line Segment Zone Set that overlays the existing road or network of roads that you want to analyze. In this guide, we will use Arlington, VA as an example.

 Watch an overview of the following guide: 


Step 1: Create your Zones

For a Traffic Diagnostics Project, we recommend uploading a Shapefile with your Zone Set. Click here to learn more about uploading a Zone Set with Line Segments Zones.

1a. Create a Zone Set from line segments. Learn more about line segment Zones. 

Heads Up: We recommended running your projects with no more than 3,000 line segment Zones. If you’re working with larger Zone Sets please reach out to the StreetLight Support Team at for assistance.


Step 2: Set Up Your Project 

2a. Go to the “Manage Travel Projects” section under the menu icon in the top left corner. Then go to the “Create Projects” tab.

2b. Give the Project a name. For our example, we will call ours “Arlington Congestion.”

2c. Choose the “Traffic Diagnostics” Project type.

Note: The “Data Source” field is automatically chosen for you because in a Traffic Diagnostics we use a combination of GPS and LBS data. This allows all of our Project Types that go into creating Traffic Diagnostics to run smoothly on StreetLight InSight.

2d. Choose your Zone Set(s) and add it to the Select Zone Set(s) box.



2e. Note the Project Options. The only items that can be edited are the data period (including specific dates), the day types, and day parts. The bins for the Trip and Traveler Attributes are not editable at this time.

2f. Optionally, choose a folder and preview the Project and settings. When satisfied, confirm the Project. Learn more about what happens to your Project after you click "Confirm," and what our system does to take your Project from running to "Available." 

2g: Review the Completed Project 

  • The system will tell you that the Project has been created and you can view the Project in the “All Projects” tab
  • Once completed, the Project will be given a status of “Available”.

Step 3: Visualize and Download Results

3a. Once your Project is marked as “Available” in the “All Projects” tab, you can visualize the results on the Interactive Visualizations page.

3b. When looking through your Interactive Visualizations for Traffic Diagnostics, you will be able to explore four key sheets:

The Scan Road Network Traffic Conditions sheet will tell you information on AADT 2016 counts and congestion distribution.

The Scan Roads for Transportation Strategies sheet will allow you to scan roads in your region that may be the best candidates for Walkable Trips, Bikeable trips, Commercial Truck Policies, Network Improvements, Employee Incentives, and Transit.


The Identify Travel Profile for Select Roads sheet will tell you trip length, trip purpose, and traffic by income.

The Explore Transportation Solutions for Select Roads sheet will show you potential solutions to could help with congestion on select roads in your Zone Set.


Pro Tip: For definitions of the Metrics created in the Interactive Visualizations tool, click on the link within the visualization, or see our Score Methods document here 

3c. To download the Metrics and make your own analyses in Microsoft Excel, navigate to the Manage Projects section of StreetLight InSight. Then click the “All Projects” tab. Each of your completed projects should be visible. Click on the “Download” icon in the Actions Column.

3d. For a Traffic Diagnostics project, all the Metrics will download and you will not have an option to pick what you download to your personal computer.

3e. Open the compressed or “zipped” folder you’ve downloaded to view files you selected. You can manipulate these .csv files as you like. You will also have helpful README files that explain all the fields and files included in your downloads.

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