How to Convert a Study to a PPU Account

Once you have completed the work in a study and have won the RFP or contracted with the end client for the work, you can convert the Study to a PPU Account. This can be done for active studies or for expired studies. This can only be performed once per Study.

Watch this video for an overview:

Step-by-Step Guide:

To convert the Study currently open, select “Request Quote” from the new yellow dropdown menu, “Study Name - study name”. To convert any Study, click the “Request Quote” icon next to the pertinent Study from the “Study Management” tab on the “Account Management” page.


Upon requesting a quote, a new window will appear with the details of your Study and prompts to provide additional details about the paid Project. The more information you provide, the faster we will be able to complete the conversion.

Fill out the following fields:

  • The Study Type is read-only.
  • The Study Name is read-only.
  • The Study ID can be updated at this time but is optional.
  • The End Client must be provided at this time. “Confidential” is an acceptable value here.
  • The Subscription Tier is optional. If you know the value to choose, please do so.
  • The Subscription Zone Band is also optional. If you know the value to choose, please do so.
  • Add Notes about the Project. Especially helpful at this time are details about who will have access to the new account and what Projects and/or Zone Sets you’d like copied over.
  • Click “Request Quote”.
  • Click “Yes” on the confirmation dialog.

Upon completing the “Request Quote” action, an email will be sent to you (and the Study creator if not you) for your records. Your quote request will be automatically sent to the StreetLight Data sales team who will contact you shortly.

After a contract with StreetLight Data is signed, we will create a new Pay Per Use account matching the contract as usual. This will have all the details as laid out in the contract, which may or may not match what you requested in your quote.

Once the Pay Per Use account is created, StreetLight will copy over any requested Zone Sets and/or Projects. Note that Projects will be created new in the Pay Per Use account and will thus have Metrics based on the latest data. You will also have the ability to create new Zone Sets and Projects in this new Pay Per Use account as you need to fulfill your customer’s needs.

Another action of the conversion is that the Study is now marked as read-only. All subsequent work must be done in the created PPU account. The Zone Sets and Projects in the now read-only Study can be viewed and downloaded but not edited. Nor can any new Zone Sets or Projects be created in the contracted Study.

Once this process is complete, the contracted Study will appear as “Contracted” in the “Study Management” tab and will have only view options.

Pro Tips:

  • Anyone can request a quote for a Study, it does not necessarily have to be the same person who created the Study. Upon requesting a quote, both the requester and the Study creator will receive an email.
  • Zone Sets and Projects from a Study can be copied over to a new Pay Per Use subscription at any time. So if you’re not sure exactly which Projects will be needed upon requesting a quote, that’s okay, you can always revisit this later once the Project has been contracted.
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