Traffic Diagnostics

Traffic Diagnostics combines several StreetLight InSight Projects: Segment Analysis, AADT 2016, O-D by Preset Geography (by TAZ), and Zone Activity Analysis with Premium Trip and Traveler Attributes. It requires using a Line Segment Zone Set that overlays the existing road or network of roads that you want to analyze. The results of these different Projects are combined and into Traffic Diagnostics that can be visualized through StreetLight InSight's "Interactive Visualizations" tool.

The Interactive Visualizations tool allows you to manipulate and combine the Metrics provided by the Projects listed above. It enables you to scan for congestion on road segments, explore causes of congestion, and review potential mitigation solutions - all within the StreetLight InSight platform.

Metrics and visualizations can be downloaded directly from the Interactive Visualizations tool. Metrics can also be downloaded in the standard StreetLight InSight format for each sub-project included in Traffic Diagnostics.

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