How do I determine whether my Project has a large enough sample size?

There are a few ways to learn more about the sample size for your Project.

Review the Sample Size .csv associated with your Project. This provides an overview of the unique number of vehicles or devices that meet the parameters defined by your Project.
Compare ADT or AADT values to StreetLight InSight trip counts in order to better understand rates of penetration. StreetLight InSight trip counts can be activated upon request and used for comparison to real world counts. For more information on this process, contact the StreetLight Support Team.

Ultimately, we leave it up to your team to determine whether the range of multipliers and rate of penetration are suitable for your study. We don't recommend explicit ranges for ratios, counts per day and penetration percentages; however, we generally expect our samples to account for 0.5-2% of personal trips, and over 10-12% of commercial trips. Learn more from our Sample Size article in our Data Documentation section.

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