Where can I find the Project Sample Size?


Sample Size Metrics .csv files are automatically available for Projects when you download the project results. Look for the file ending with "sample_size.csv." Learn more about downloading your project. 

An example Navigation-GPS sample size file is below. This shows the unique vehicle trips used in the Project was approximately a total of 1,253,000. 


  • Data months from January 2019 and for our LBS with Pass-through data source have more data. This additional data comes from new apps and providers added to source data and means approximately double the sample size for projects compared to our previous month, and quadruple the sample size compared to January 2018. Learn more about our increase.
  • For privacy reasons, we will not show a sample size for Projects that have a sample size of <1000. If your .csv looks like the image pictured below, you will most likely have a sample size below 1000. 

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