How frequently does your data update?

Each month we receive updates from our data suppliers. Monthly updates come in the form of raw data, which is then processed by our data scientist team. This requires that we ‘tripify’ the data--turning raw data into usable trips--and then add these trips to our data repository.

Currently, it takes approximately six weeks after the end of the month to complete this process and upload the data into the platform, although turn-around times may vary. Our processing time for LBS data versus GPS data may also vary. Since these two data sources are processed separately, there are times when one month of LBS data might be released ahead of GPS data for the same month. 

We are always looking to make processing as efficient as possible in order to ensure a quick turn-around month to month. Check our monthly release notes for future updates and details on when new data months will be added to StreetLight InSight®

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