What does "Is Pass-Through" mean?

The “Is Pass-Through” designation is used to determine whether trips are expected to start or stop in the Zone, or whether they are expected to pass through the Zone without stopping. A "Yes" value indicates that only trips passing the Zone should be analyzed. A "No" value indicates trips that start or stop should be analyzed, depending upon if the Zone is an Origin Zone or Destination Zone.

Generally, roadways are expected to be designated as “Pass-Through”, and area Zones like a county or TAZs are expected to have a "No" value. However, users can choose to designate the Zone however they please. If you want to analyze both types of trips in a given Zone, you will need to create two separate Zones for that exact same geography. Then, designate one of those Zones as “Pass-Through.” Note that for Zone Sets that you’d like to use as a Middle Filter Zone Set must have all Zones marked with "Is Pass-Through" values of "Yes".

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