Interactive Visualizations

The Interactive Visualizations tool allows you to analyze StreetLight InSight Metrics with charts, graphs, chord diagrams, and interactive maps.

Interactive Visualizations provide greater flexibility than our original Visualize Travel Projects tool because they allow you to add filters, navigate between various specialized “sheets,” and take snapshots of charts and graphs by either exporting them as images or creating “Stories” for presentation-quality PowerPoint and PDF exports.

For a brief tutorial on how the Interactive Visualizations tool works, please watch the video below. Please refer to the visualization section of our Traffic Diagnostics Analysis How-to Guide for a more in-depth explanation.


The video will review the following topics:

  1. Interpreting charts and graphs
  2. Adding and removing filters
  3. Navigating between sheets
  4. Viewing Premium Trip and Traveler Attributes
  5. Advanced Visualizations:
  1. Interpreting the Heat Matrix
  2. Interpreting the Chord Diagram
  3. Taking snapshots and exporting images
  4. Creating Stories


  • Taking a snapshot of or exporting from the map features on our Interactive Visualization will not work--this is a known issue. Use your favorite screen capturing tool to get an image of our maps in the Interactive Visualizations.
  • Some StreetLight InSight accounts do not have access to export directly from the Interactive Visualizations. If you cannot export, use your favorite screen capturing tool to save images directly to your computer. Contact if you have questions about export access. 
  • The Interactive Visualizations tool is currently available for all Project Types in StreetLight InSight.
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