What types of location and contextual data do you use to create metrics?

We use archival location records that are created by mobile devices such as smart phones, connected vehicles with location technology, wearables (fitbits, smartwatches, etc.), and trucks with commercial fleet management systems. These include navigation-GPS, Connected Vehicle Data, and Location-Based Services records. We currently work with multiple different mobility data providers. We regularly evaluate new mobility data providers, and plan to bring on new data providers as the technology landscape evolves.

Our contextual data includes demographic information from the U.S. Census, American Community Surveys, Manifold Data Mining, Inc., road network maps, and parcel data. In the U.S., our data source for race status, family status, and residential population is the 2010 US Decennial Census and our data source for income and education of the head of household is the 2010 American Community Survey. In Canada, we license all demographic data from Manifold Data Mining, Inc.

In addition, you can view the Disadvantaged Communities (DAC) Zones map layer for U.S. geographies based on the Justice 40 initiative.  

For more information, see What are Data Sources?

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