What is directionality?

Directionality is only relevant for Zones that are designated as “Pass-Through”. When you apply directionality to a Pass-Through Zone, StreetLight InSight will automatically analyze trips that are traveling through the Zone in a specific direction. Directionality is the measurement of the direction the trip is traveling at the time it passes through a Zone. In the platform, users can upload Pass-Through Zones with directionality specified in degrees (see below for more details) or users can draw the directionality for a Zone in the user interface. Trips with direction within +/-20 degrees of the value assigned to a Zone are analyzed.

Directionality should be specified in degrees when uploading shapefiles to the platform. Directionality is also displayed in degrees in visualizations and .csv downloads for Pass-Through Zones. Values are provided in degrees from 0 to 359, where 0 is due north, 90 is due east, 180 is due south, etc. A value of "Null" indicates that the Zone is not directional, and therefore all trips that Pass-Through the Zone will be used.

Learn more in our directionality guide.

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