Basic Training

This StreetLight InSight training is broken down into five units that each build on the one before, thus we recommend the first time you watch the training, you watch the units in order. You can come back to any unit at any time. In total, all five units will take just over 40 minutes. 

The units will first introduce you to the StreetLight terminology (unit 1), show you around the platform (unit 2), and then using an example walk through the four steps of any StreetLight InSight analysis:

  • Step 1 - Define your analysis (unit 2)
  • Step 2 - Create your Zones (unit 3)
  • Step 3 - Set up your Project (unit 4)
  • Step 4 - Analyze the results (unit 5)

Note: This training was recorded using version 6.2 of StreetLight InSight. To see changes in the platform since this training was recorded, please see What's New for all releases since January 10, 2019

If you encounter any trouble viewing the videos provided below, please reach out to the Support Team for assistance.

Unit 1: Introduction to Zones, Analyses, and Data Sources

Unit 2: Logging In & Defining Your Analysis

Unit 3: Creating Zones

Unit 4: Setting up the Project

Unit 5: Analyzing Results

Next Steps

Now that you've completed the training, you're ready to get started with your first analysis. Here's a "quick start" guide for your reference: StreetLight_InSight_QuickStart_Guide.pdf

If you don't already have a login, please contact Support and we'll get you started. 

If you want to learn more or need clarification on anything, please check out other areas of our Support Center, especially the Product How-to Guides.

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