September 5th, 2018

On Wednesday, September 5, StreetLight InSight version 5.8 was made available to all users. In addition to the usual bug fixes and performance improvements, this StreetLight InSight release includes several important updates:

New StreetLight Volume: 2017 AADT Estimates (US Only)

2017 AADT Estimates give you the power to get Average Annual Daily Traffic information for roads across the US that is just as, or more, accurate than modeling AADT or expanding temporary counters. 

  • Our new 2017 AADT Estimates are more accurate than our older 2016 AADT Estimates: They’re derived from a new algorithm that leverages advanced machine learning and location-based data processing techniques along with data from nearly 2,500 permanent counters. For more details, read our white paper or watch the webinar.
  • To learn how to create this project, please see [link to "How to Create a 2017 AADT Estimate"}
  • To run these Metrics, you must use Pass-through Zones with direction set that are marked as bi-directional. Learn more. [link to "How to Create a Bi-directional Zone"]
  • The 2017 AADT Estimates are available for use in calibration of other Metrics. Learn more.
  • This Metric is only available to gold subscriptions and above. Learn more [link to "What are included with the subscription levels?" or "contact sales"]

New Project Runtime Estimates and Updated Project Review Process

Estimates of Project processing times, or “Project Runtimes” are now available on the “Running Projects” tab. These estimates are derived from a machine learning algorithm and available in the "Running Projects" tab. 

  • This algorithm also determines if Projects will go into Size Review by the StreetLight Data Support Team. As a result, a Project may go into size review after it has been confirmed in StreetLight InSight. We expect this new process to decrease the volume of manual size reviews on Projects overall.

New Visualizations for Projects with Calibration Feature

  • Users can now visualize the calibrated index (estimated traffic counts) in the StreetLight InSight interactive visualization tool. This applies to Projects that use the Calibration Feature.
  • Visualizations of the calibrated index are available with both types of calibration: “StreetLight AADT” and “My Zone Counts”.
  • Projects with calibrated indexes will default to showing the calibrated index.
  • To switch between the calibrated and StreetLight Index, choose the desired index type from the first drop-down as shown above.

Improved Interactive Visualizations for Zones of Varying Sizes

  • We’ve improved the maps on interactive visualizations, especially for Projects with Zone Sets of varying sizes or zones across large distances. Previously, it was not possible to visualize very small Zones (typically Road Gate Zones) when zooming out to see all of the larger Zones in a Project (usually large Area Zones). Now, every Zone has a pin that will appear at all zoom levels.

New Months of Data

  • Jul ’18 data are now available for our navigation-GPS data source.

Deprecation of “Visualize Travel Metrics,” Our Old Visualization Builder

  • Our old visualization builder on the “Visualize Travel Projects” page will be removed from StreetLight InSight and no longer available for use in an upcoming release. Note that new features and Metrics are not available in our old visualization tool.
  • We strongly encourage you to begin using our new interactive visualizations tool. Click here to learn how it works.
  • Please feel free to share your feedback on our new interactive visualizations tool with our Support Team at

Please reach out to your account manager with any questions about this update, or subscribe to the StreetLight Data blog to stay up-to-speed on the latest news.

As always, we are interested in hearing any questions or feedback you may have, and we hope you enjoy using StreetLight InSight!

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