December 5th, 2017

Dear StreetLight InSight® User:

There will be a scheduled StreetLight InSight update on Tuesday, December 5th from approximately 6pm to 12am PT. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Note that large Projects that are still running during the deploy of this release will be restarted once the deploy completes.

Looking for more information on the latest StreetLight InSight Updates? Join our webinar on December 12th for an overview and live demo of the top new features.

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, tomorrow night’s StreetLight InSight release includes several important updates:

Customize Your Own Data Periods

  • Project Data Periods can now be configured to include or exclude specific dates for an analysis.
  • Example use cases include analyzing event days at a specific location (e.g.: game days a stadium) or excluding dates of unusual activity (e.g. holidays).
  • To use this feature, first set up your Project, open the Project Options menu, and set your entire Data Period as desired. Next, include or exclude dates as desired from the “Specific Dates” tab on the Project Options menu.
  • For example, to analyze football game days at a stadium, choose September through December as the Data Period, navigate to the “Specific Dates” Tab, and then choose "Only the Dates below from the Data Period." Next, add the game days that are in September, October, November, and December.
  • To analyze typical December traffic on the roads without analyzing holiday patterns, choose December as your Data Period, then choose "All Days in the Data Period except the Dates below," then add the time around Christmas.
  • Please note that if the dates are not included in the full Data Period, they will not be analyzed even if they are listed in the Specific Dates.

Downloads Now Include Counts

  • Project Download .CSV files are now available with count information. Counts are included as a set of columns next to the Index values.
  • To add counts to your downloads, please contact Support at
  • Please note that counts are not normalized for monthly variation and should be used with consideration.

New Months of Data

  • Navigation-GPS Data for Oct. ’17 are now available.

Please reach out to your account manager with any questions about this update, or subscribe to the StreetLight Data blog to stay up-to-speed on the latest news.

As always, we are interested in hearing any questions or feedback you may have, and we hope you enjoy using StreetLight InSight!


The StreetLight Data Support Team

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