March 7th, 2017

Dear StreetLight InSight® User:

There will be a scheduled StreetLight InSight update on Tuesday, March 7thfrom approximately 5pm to 12am PST. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, this StreetLight InSight release includes several major updates:

Single Log-in For Users with Multiple Accounts

  • Users can now use one username and password to access multiple StreetLight InSight accounts. Email notifications for all accounts will be sent to their preferred email address.
  • When users with access to multiple accounts log in, they will be prompted to select an account. Users can switch between accounts as they wish at any time while logged in.
  • If you currently use multiple StreetLight InSight usernames to access different accounts, please click here to contact the StreetLight Data Support team to discuss consolidation.

Geographic Boundaries for Regional Subscriptions

  • Geographic boundaries are now included for organizations that license StreetLight InSight via a Regional Subscription.
  • When users create Zones, they can see the geographic boundaries of their region marked with a polygon. Simply click the checkbox on the “Create Zones” window to turn the region’s boundaries on and off.
  • Zone sets containing Zones that fall outside of the region’s boundary will not be available for use in new projects. However, projects run previously that contain Zones outside of the region will remain available.

New Navigation-GPS Data and Default Data Period

  • Navigation-GPS data for December 2016 is now available for Travel and Premium Site Metrics.
  • The default data period for Travel and Premium Site Metrics is now January 2016 – December 2016.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Zones that cannot have trips because they cover bodies of water (i.e.: a Zone on Lake Michigan) will no longer cause a project to go to error. If used in a project, these Zones will be skipped during processing. Only Metrics for valid Zones will be generated.
  • Our new Location-Based Services data source is now fully integrated into StreetLight InSight. Please contact your StreetLight Data account representative to add this type of Big Data to your account.

Please reach out to your account manager with any questions about this update, or subscribe to the StreetLight Data blog to stay up-to-speed on the latest news.

As always, we are interested in hearing any questions or feedback you may have, and we hope you enjoy using StreetLight InSight!


The StreetLight Data Support Team

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