October 3rd, 2017

Dear StreetLight InSight® User:

There will be a scheduled StreetLight InSight update on Tuesday, October 3rdfrom approximately 6pm to 12am PT. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, tomorrow night’s StreetLight InSight release includes several important updates:

Updated StreetLight Volume: 2016 AADT Metrics (Beta)

  • We’ve refined the algorithms for our AADT Metrics using several new validation data sets. (Thanks to those who shared their AADT data with us!)
  • As in previous releases, the Metrics provided describe the total number of vehicles that used a road segment per day on average in 2016.
  • Due to our algorithm updates, you may receive different values if you re-run 2016 AADT Projects. The most significant changes are for divided highways. Our validation work indicates that these updated Metrics are more accurate.
  • We’ve also made it easier to use your existing Zone Sets for AADT Projects. You can now calculate AADT using Pass-Through Zones that have directional arrows as well as our new Bi-Directional Zones (described below.)
  • These Metrics are still in beta. Please note that our team will continue refining and improving them in future releases. We welcome you to share AADT data with us to aid in these efforts.

New Option for “Bi-Directional” Pass-Through Zones

  • We’ve introduced the new “Bi-Directional Zone” in this release.
  • Bi-Directional Zones can be used to holistically analyze trips moving in two directions on the same road. In contrast, Pass-Through Zones that do not have directionality are for analyzing trips that move in all directions.
  • This new Zone Type is ideal for analyzing travel behavior around intersections and highway ramps. It allows you to automatically exclude trips that travel in other directions without creating additional Zones.
  • To designate a Zone as Bi-Directional when drawing Zones, first select “Yes” for “Is Pass-Through.” Then draw an arrow for your first direction. Next, select “Yes” for “Is Bi-Directional. Click “Save.” An arrow for the opposite direction will be automatically created after you save the Zone.
  • When creating Zone Sets via shapefile upload, you can designate all Zones in that shapefile as “Bi-Directional.”
  • Continue to use two different Pass-Through Zones with opposite directional arrows if you need to analyze trips traveling in each direction separately. Bi-Directional Zones do not provide unique Metrics for trips traveling in opposite directions.

View OpenStreetMap (OSM) When Creating Zones

  • Users can now toggle to see the OSM road network when creating, editing, and viewing Zones.
  • StreetLight InSight primarily visualizes Metrics and Zones using Google Maps. However, OSM is our back-end resource for locking trips to the road network.
  • Use this feature when drawing road segments to get the best match to our trips.
  • We also recommend using this feature when reviewing Zone Sets that you created by uploading line segment shapefiles.

New Premium Trip Attributes Visualizations and Improved Chart Visualizations

  • Trip Attributes can now be visualized as charts. In our previous release, we introduced map visualizations for these Metrics.
  • Select the Zones you want to create charts for using the Visualization Builder.
  • Chart visualizations are also now available for Zone Activity Projects of all sizes. Up to 15 Zones can be visualized in one chart. Select the Zones you would like to include using the Visualization Builder.

New Project Size Review

  • To streamline processing times for all users, very large Projects will now be reviewed by our Support Team prior to processing.
  • Reviews are triggered if any one of the following conditions are met:
  • The total area of all Zones is over 40,000 square miles
  • More than 12 months of navigation-GPS data are used
  • More than 6 months of LBS data are used
  • An O-D Analysis Project contains more than 100,000 Zones
  • An O-D with Middle Filter Project contains more than 100,000,000 Zones
  • A Zone Activity Analysis Project contains more than 5,000 Zones
  • A Origin-Destination to Pre-Set Geography Project contains more than 5,000 Zones
  • A Visitor Home-Work Analysis Project contains more than 1,000 Zones
  • A StreetLight Volume: 2016 AADT Project contains more than 5,000 Zones
  • When this review is triggered, our Support Team will contact you within one business day to discuss your Project. Note that Projects that pass this Large Project Review will still go through our Coverage Check when Metrics are processed.

New Location-Based Services (LBS) Data

  • LBS Data for Canada for the months of June ’16 through July ’17 are now available.
  • July ’17 LBS Data is now available for the US as well.

New Navigation-GPS Data

  • Navigation-GPS Data for Aug. ’17 is now available.

Please reach out to your StreetLight Data representative with any questions about this update, or subscribe to the StreetLight Data blog to stay up-to-speed on the latest news.

As always, we are interested in hearing any questions or feedback you may have, and we hope you enjoy using StreetLight InSight!


The StreetLight Data Support Team

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