August 3rd, 2017

Dear StreetLight InSight® User:

There will be a scheduled StreetLight InSight update on Thursday, August 3rdfrom approximately 6pm to 12am PT. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, this StreetLight InSight release includes several important updates:

Sample Size Information Automatically Included in Projects

  • Users will now automatically receive information about the size of the sample of data used for a Project in their downloads.
  • It is currently available for the following Project Types: Origin-Destination, Origin-Destination with Middle Filter, Zone Activity, and O-D to Preset Geography. This file will not be included in Projects run prior to this month’s update.
  • This information is found in a new CSV in Project Downloads named “Sample Size.”
  • For Projects that use navigation-GPS data, the file will indicate the approximate total number of trips that touched any Zone in the analysis.
  • For Projects that use Location-Based Services data, the file will indicate the approximate number of devices that touched any Zone in the analysis.

A New Way to Upload Zones

  • Users can now import Zones into StreetLight InSight by simply entering Lat/Long coordinates or addresses into StreetLight InSight. The platform will use this information to automatically generate polygons. There are two ways to use this new feature.
  • The first option is for users to upload an MS Excel file (XLSX file) with the addresses and/or Lat/Long coordinates of their Zones. There is an XLSX template available for download from the “Add a Zone Set” window.
  • If the platform can detect the parcel of the Lat/Long or Address, it will automatically create a polygon for that parcel.
  • If StreetLight InSight cannot detect the appropriate parcel, it will create an octagon around the Lat/Long coordinates or address.
  • Up to 200 Zones can be added with this feature.
  • Users can also enter a Lat/Long coordinates or address into the location look-up search bar above the map when creating or editing Zones. To create a Zone based on the parcel, users should click a new “Zoom to Parcel” button located next to the location look-up field.
  • StreetLight InSight will display a polygon over the parcel if the parcel can be identified, or place an octagon on top of the address if the parcel cannot be identified. The Zone over the parcel is editable.

Elimination of Project Tags and “Convert to Paid” Feature

  • We’ve streamlined the Project creation process by removing Project Tags. These are no longer a part of the Project Creation process.
  • When users with Pay-Per-Use or Consultant Subscriptions would like to convert a Project to “Paid,” they should contact their StreetLight Data representative.

New Navigation-GPS and Location-Based Services Data

  • Location-Based Services data for April ’17 and May ’17 are now available. There is no change to Standard Site Metrics which remain September ’16 only.
  • Navigation-GPS data for June ‘17 are now available for Travel and Premium Site Metrics.

Please reach out to your StreetLight Data representative with any questions about this update, or subscribe to the StreetLight Data blog to stay up-to-speed on the latest news.

As always, we are interested in hearing any questions or feedback you may have, and we hope you enjoy using StreetLight InSight!


The StreetLight Data Support Team

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