How do I log into StreetLight InSight® and the Help Center?

You can use your login email and password to log into StreetLight InSight® and the Help Center, and various errors you might encounter when trying to log in.


Note: If you are a new user logging in for the first time, see How do I log in for the first time?.

Log into StreetLight InSight®

Log into StreetLight InSight® to run analyses and access metrics.

  1. Go to

    Ensure you are using a supported browser listed in System Requirements.

  2. Enter your email and password, and click Enter. If your organization has Microsoft Single-Sign-on (SSO) set up, click Sign in with Microsoft.


    If you forgot your password, click "Forgot Password?" on the log in page to reset your password. For more information, see Reset your password

Log into the StreetLight Help Center

Log into the StreetLight Help Center to see all articles and FAQs.

  1. Click Sign In in the top right corner of the Help Center.

  2. If you are already logged into StreetLight InSight®, you will be logged in automatically to the Help Center. If you are not logged in you will be taken to our StreetLight InSight® login page, where you can follow the steps above to Log into StreetLight InSight®.

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